Sunday, April 21, 2013

EXCLUSIVE! Youngblood Hawke INTV!

Things move pretty fast for bands these days. In less than a year, Los Angeles' Youngblood Hawke have formed, released an EP and are set to release a full length at the end of this month. In their short time together, they have toured the country, and have been tapped as one of VH1's "You Outta Know" artists. The band mix folk, rock, and Americana and thanks to their exciting stage shows, they have been the talk of the touring circuit since gracing small clubs in California. As the band ready their debut, Wake Up, we spoke to singer Sam Martin about their formation, music, nonstop schedule, and with the NBA Playoffs in full force - we see if they are for Lakers or Clippers for city pride. Take a look at our interview with Martin below:

After forming in 2012, you released an EP and were already thrusts to the masses signing to a major label. Has this experience been a whirlwind for you?

Absolutely.  We can't really believe this is all happening!  To have people respond in such a positive way to the music we've put out so far is incredible!  We've been working so hard to get to this point and we don't take any of it for granted.  It makes us want to work harder, keep writing.  

Hailing from Los Angeles, how much has the City of Angels played an influence in your sound?

It's hard not to be positive when its sunny everyday...  LA is such a special place, a place we all call home now.  Everyones hungry there, everyones inspired, everyone wants to do something great with their lives. Its good to be around that energy, it definitely drips into our music.

After being in different bands before this, how has your experience in other bands made your realize this shoe fits the best and this band has the spark to go far?

Everyone in the band is really close.  I think thats what makes what we have so special.  Its a big family.  We really have a lot of respect and love for each other.  To do what you love everyday and with your best friends, its unreal.  We've been in other bands where that wasn't the case, its hard to have longevity in a band if you cant stand being around your bandmates.  

What is the song writing process like for this band?

Each songs starts with Simon and I sitting around in his tiny bedroom studio coming up with ideas.  Simon produces the songs and I write the majority of the lyrics.  Its very collaborative.  Once we have the backbone of the song, the rest of the band adds their flavor!  Drums, guitars, vocals, etc.    

This journey of music seems to be a journey of friendship above all else. Being around each other all the time, has this strengthen your bond as friends?

You learn a ton about people spending this much time together.  We're definitely closer than ever and we're having the time of our lives.

You were on tour with Keane, what has that experience been like?

Insane!  They're really great people and mind blowing musicians!  Every night the crowds have been wild and ready to have some fun!

Being a buzz band, especially in a day and age when buzz bands seem to come and go, is there any pressure to live up to the hype?

We don't really believe in all that.  We just make music that we really care about, music thats close to our hearts.  The rest is really out of our hands.   

What can fans expect from Youngblood Hawke in 2013?

Shows shows shows!  We'll be touring all year and releasing our full length album!  We can't wait to play in every city!

BURNING QUESTION: Since you are a band from L.A., is it Go Lakers! Or Go Clippers!?