Wednesday, November 3, 2010

Rising Artist - The Vaccines

Something must be in the water in the UK right now that before you even have an EP, let alone a record out and just release a song or two via the net and it catches on, people will embrace you. For London's The Vaccines that is pretty much what has happened. Just last month they released the tracks "Wrecking Bar," and "Blow it Up" and the band spread like wildfire. They have been featured in NME as a Radar Artist, the same column that has done wonders for acts like La Roux, Joy Formidable, Gallows and Chapel Club. The Vaccines play a clean cut, fun and catchy style of surf rock, think Surfer Blood meets Male Bonding. While the ride the wave of the new surf rock explosion, these four London lads are in for something big.

Download a FREE track HERE: