Wednesday, November 3, 2010

Underrated Classic - Paul McCartney "Flaming Pie"

Paul McCartney does not need to ride any wave of success, after all the man was a Beatle. Yet after the massive popularity and reinvested interest in The Beatles after the brilliant Anthology series, Macca decided to go back to the studio with legendary Beatles producer George Martin. In May of 1997, he gave the world Flaming Pie, not only one of the best records of the year, one of the best of the decade but also one of the best solo records Paul ever recorded. Flaming Pie is a return to the catchy pop-rock that made Paul an icon. Yet, the record would arrive at a bittersweet time, released a year before the love of his life, his wife and musical muse, Linda passed away after complications with Breast Cancer. It would be the last time he and Linda worked together and would be a treasured record in his collection. Flaming Pie was an album inspired by John Lennon and the stories John would tell, for instance the title comes from a dream that John had on how he came up with the name, The Beatles. Paul told the story to VH1 in a 1997 interview, the story is "A man came in on a flaming pie and you will be Beatles, with an A!" The success of Flaming Pie took Paul all the way to Grammy's in being nominated for Album of the Year but losing to Bob Dylan for his modern masterpiece, Time Out of Mind. Flaming Pie is the record that had Paul return to form, a form we love and know him best for.