Wednesday, November 3, 2010

Movie of the Month - Cassandra's Dream

It has come to the point in Colin Farrell's career where everything he has done from In Bruges on, it has been nothing short of spectacular. He is picking the right roles and working with the right people and not getting wrapped up in the Hollywood system. Cassandra's Dream is one of those great films and great performances he has given us. It has also come to the point in Woody Allen's career that he has done everything he has needed to do, but to take on a Hitchcock-esque tale such as this, it brings out some powerful performances and suspense. Cassandra's Dream is the story of two brothers, played by Farrell and Ewan McGregor (in one of his best roles) are in desperate need of some money to live better lives in London, that they ask their rich uncle, played by Tom Wilkinson, for a loan. He asks in return for them for the two brothers to murder a business rival of his. With the chaos and intensity that comes from the idea of having to kill someone, can the two brothers do? What will happen if they are caught? In an all or nothing deal, the way the story unfolds and how the performances explode, it makes you question why this 2008 film from one of cinema's greatest living legends went under the radar.