Saturday, November 13, 2010


Who would have guessed that this site would be going on and as strong four years after I started it? I for one did not think any of this would happen. With This I Think I’m Officially A Yuppie started in November 2006 and was just a site for friends of mine to look at for music and movie news, after all the URL used to be - it was not even a proper site! Yet, things change and have changed for the better over time. This is now a full on music website that has been praised the world over, we have readers in every corner of the globe and the response is something I could not be prouder of. From our interviews with artists from all genres to our detailed and very attentive live reviews and fun album reviews, Officially A Yuppie I am proud to say, is becoming one of the net’s premiere music sites and I have YOU to thank for that. I have YOU to thank for reading it and coming back and giving us inspiration.
To all of the bands and artists that are putting out worthwhile music – thank you for inspiring my staff and I. We are living in such a great time of music, no matter what any other blogger may say, music today does not suck. It sucks if you are not looking for what you want, everything is at our fingertips in all genres and we are privileged to bring you some great acts. After all we are the first American website to interview Glasvegas, La Roux, Violent Soho and Chapel Club. You can also bet we have many more exclusives coming for you in the next year. While other site are talking about their hero’s we are chasing ours down speaking with and bring to you from Henry Rollins, Ian MacKaye, Bouncing Souls, Johnny Marr, Living Colour, Bad Brains and we promise more legendary interviews in the coming months – your heads will blow off with who we have lined up! Even to celebrate our 4 years we are posting an AMAZING interview with the LEGENDARY ALEC EMPIRE of ATARI TEENAGE RIOT! Stay tuned!
We have also been talking to some of the best and biggest acts around like Portugal The Man, The Bravery, Airborne Toxic Event and The Drums.
To my staff that consists of some of the best correspondents and photographers in the business – thank you! Thank you for your time and hard work, I hope this is as much for you as it is for me and it is only going to get bigger and better!
To all of the artists, publicists, managers and labels thank you for all of your help and support! It means the world to us to have you in our corner of consideration!
To my friends and family, thank you for your input and guidance and encouragement, without you this whole adventure would have never started.
2010 has been an amazing year for us, we have given you an exclusive interview each week, brought you more live reviews and album reviews than ever before and the best wall to wall coverage of Lollapalooza 2010 more than any other website. It has also been a great year for me as I have been featured in one of my all time favorite bands – Oasis’ latest greatest hits record “Time Flies.” I have also been chosen to write not just for one but two of the world’s most prestigious sites – The Huffington Post in the US and The Spectator in the UK. Thank you for all that believe in me, my work and this site. I promise you are just seeing the beginning!

Salvatore Bono