Sunday, April 3, 2011


Witness the reinvention of an icon. An icon of art, music, activism, philanthropy and peace. Since 1961 Yoko Ono has been turning heads, hearts and minds with her work and actions. With her husband, John Lennon, Ono and Lennon took the 60's and 70's by storm with their counter culture approach to life and promotion of peace and love across the world. Until his untimely death, Ono and Lennon looked as if their romance would last forever on Earth. Still after all of these years, Ono has taken her work and pushed forward in doing what John would want and love and of course, doing what pleases her the most - making art with love. In 2009, Ono released her 19th studio album and an album that has seen her take on the music charts and dance floors all over the world like never before. Produced by her son Sean, Between My Head and The Sky, boasted a critically praised record but once DJ's from around the world got their hands on, they reinterpreted Ono's work and began giving it a different spin. In March, she released Move On Fast (The Remixes) which gave her, her sixth number 1 Billboard Hot Dance Club single with "Move On Fast." Now, still dancing after all these years, we had the honor and privilege to speak with the icon that has helped shape the world we live in. Take a look at our EXCLUSIVE interview with the one and only, Yoko Ono below:

How does it feel to still be dancing after all of these years?

I regret the years I didn't. Let me dance at least another life time.

You released “Between My Head and the Sky” in 2009 and various dance remix EPs after. Do you feel that getting your music out to DJ’s is the best way for it to be heard these days?

Dance remix, is certainly a great say to communicate. But BETWEEN MY HEAD AND THE SKY did get a wide and good response, too. I love Dance remix. But I love making rock CD's as well.

Sean produced your last record, what was it like having him helm the controls?

I didn't give up my control. We never thought otherwise.

Your new single, "Move On Fast" has a very clear Euro-style dance beat and feel to it. Was Europe an inspiration?

I didn't think so.

One of the remixes has a clear dubstep sound to it, do you feel this style and genre is starting to really break in the mainstream?

What is the mainstream in your mind? Pop?

When a remix of one of your songs are done, do you pick the artist, DJ or producer who you would like to have reinterpret the song?

Sometimes. But most of the time, it just happens.

You recently did a handful of gigs with Sean last year in Brooklyn and LA with some magnificent artists, everyone from Bette Midler to Iggy Pop to Lady Gaga to Antony and the Johnsons. How much fun was it to have all of your friends and your son on stage playing with you? Will you be doing more gigs like that in the future?

I never dreamt of doing a concert that way. That was Sean's doing.

How did you decide who will get to play at the shows with you?

Sean called them. I was horrified and loved it in the end.

Who really impresses you in music today?

I like Lady Gaga's Performance Art bit.

You recently overlooked the remastering John Lennon’s back catalog that was released on his birthday. What was it like taking a trip down memory lane with his old work?

It was painful and great at the same time.

How do you think John would look at music today? Would he like it? Would he be inspired by some of today’s musicians?

I think he would have loved making music digitally.

You are very active in social networking and connecting with your fans, do you feel that these tools are very important for today’s artist?

They are the new media in Art. Of course they're important. Important, exciting, and fun.

Aside from music and art you have always been a champion of human rights, what was your initial reaction to the release of Aung San Suu Kyi after all those years under house arrest?

I am, as so many people, very glad that she is out. I hope she will stay healthy and free for the rest of her life.

Do you believe we will see world leader’s one day give peace a chance?

Yes. I do.