Friday, April 1, 2011

Movie of the Month - Pope of Greenwich Village

"Quick cash, quick lives, quick luck" - could be the tagline for the 1987 New York City crime drama, The Pope Of Greenwich Village. With an extraordinary cast and story, The Pope of Greenwich village stars Mickey Rourke as Charlie, Eric Roberts as Paulie, two cousins and friends looking to make a quick buck and looking to change their luck in the seedy underground of Greenwich Village in mid 80's. Paulie comes to Charlie with a robbery plan that is fool proof or as he says, "can't miss," at first Charlie is not into the idea then thinks about the score. While the fool proof plan goes off, it ends up resulting in the accidental death of a police officer. Things go astray and the local wise guys in Greenwich Village are out for blood, not to mention the police are looking for two suspects. Thrills, drama and and brilliant acting from Rourke and Roberts in some of their finest work in their long careers. The Pope of Greenwich Village also stars Daryl Hannah, Burt Young, Tony Musante and Geraldine Page - in a role that landed her a Oscar nomination for Best Supporting Actress. The Pope of Greenwich Village is a 27 year old film and with its cult status, after a viewing now, you will understand why.