Saturday, September 15, 2012

Live Review - Circa Survive @ Terminal 5

Circa Survive have so much to be proud of these days. Not only did they create and record their new album, Violent Waves, totally on their own and void of any type of label, they are currently on the beginning legs of a North American tour that has them selling-out nearly every venue on the track in rooms that range from 1,500 people to 3,000. On the second night of their tour, the Pennsylvania band stopped in New York City for an epic performance at Manhattan's Terminal 5.

Arriving on stage around 10:30p.m., Anthony Green and the boys of Circa Survive took their instruments in front of a lighting grid that looked like a giant Lite Brite board boarded by massive mirrors. The backdrop created an amazing effect and backlight but as soon as the first notes hit, it didn't matter what was on stage with the band or what the lighting grid was there, the crowd simply took off with the band and turned Terminal 5 into the heyday of CBGB's New York Hardcore shows. With circle pits, people crowd surfing, throwing fists in the air and hanging onto every second of the bands music like it would be the last thing they hear before they leave this Earth, the fans fed off the bands energy and the band certainly fed off their fans. Many of the songs played came from Violent Waves, it was amazing to hear the fans already screaming the words back with the record being out for less than a month. Unfortunately for the band, the record leaked weeks prior, but even so, the crowd already had the songs embedded in their psyche. With confetti being shot of cannons and dozens of giant balloons falling from the ceiling, Circa Survived turned Terminal 5 into a McDonalds ball pit, and again, amazing to think this band is doing all of this DIY and out of their own pocket for their fans. As the night escalated in energy, Green would announce his love for the crowd and appreciation for following them all this time. Green would then say, "I want you to take all of this positive energy and bright it outside into the world," what everyone was feeding off in the massive room did deserve to be out in ether considering the headlines around the world this week on what as gone on in the Middle East and North Africa. The humble singer would constantly thank the crowd and the people that helped them along his bands way and even giving credit for some of the artists that influenced them to create the alternative and unique music Circa Survive brings to the musical landscape. As they kicked into a magnificent cover of Bjork's "Joga," many in the room were shocked at what they were doing, but they pulled it off so well.

In tour de force performance, it comes as no surprise why and how Circa Survive are packing rooms like they are. With that much energy and imagination being brought on stage, it will only be a matter of time before their return to this city where the room they play in will be much larger.

Last month we interviewed Anthony Green as part of our podcast series, OFFICIALLY A PODCAST, take a listen to that interview HERE.