Friday, April 5, 2013

Quick News

It has been revealed that Pharrell Williams, The Strokes Julian Casablancas, Nile Rodgers, Paul Williams, Gonzales and Giorgio Moroder, will appear on the new Daft Punk album, Random Access Memories, which arrives next month.

Speaking to NME, The National's Matt Berninger opened up about the bands new album, Trouble Always Finds Me. The singer said, "It's a record about getting older, and all the fascinations and headaches that go with that," he said. "But it's not grim, honestly! It's actually pretty fun. Bands spend a lot of time in vans. You go to sleep knowing you're on a coach that has to get from France to Germany in 10 hours and you wonder, 'What if I never wake up? I have a daughter. What'll happen to her if something happens to me?'There's a lot of big, visceral rock songs on this record; others have a classic feel. I was listening to Roy Orbison, Cat Stevens, Bob Dylan. There's a lot of different colours to this record."

80's band Big Country are returning since the 2001 death of singer/songwriter Stuart Adamson. The band have reformed with Mike Peters of The Alarm on vocals and plan to release a new album later this month.

It is hard to believe but Public Image Ltd.'s 1978 debut album, First Issue, has never received a U.S. release. The iconic English band will finally release their landmark debut on this side of the pond on June 18.

UK post-punk icons The Mission will begin work on a new record that will hit shelves in September.