Wednesday, February 22, 2012

Quick Spins

BurialKindred EP
The dubstep enigma teases us again with another brilliant EP. While we all await a new LP from Burial, he gives us another EP, the follow-up to Street Halo, Kindred has the London artist blaring the sub-bass and bringing the melodramatic. It is everything we have come to love and expect from Burial and nothing more - just hypnotic and beautiful sounds.

Fucked UpYear of the Tiger
It is the great debate among indie fans now, do you count the near 30 minute two-song record from Fucked Up an EP or record? Whatever it is, it is classic Fucked Up – pushing the boundaries of music and themselves to the point that they bring a fierce and fighting animal out of the cage and into the wild.

AirLe Voyage Dans La Lune
The French duo return with a brand new album and the follow-up to 2007’s Pocket Symphony, it is a much welcomed return. Le Voyage Dans La Lune came about after the band were asked to provide music for a restored version of A Trip to the Moon, the 1902 film by George Melies (the subject of Martin Scorsese’s Oscar nominated film, Hugo), and bring a total original soundtrack to life for the classic and loved short film. While Air’s soundtrack to A Trip to the Moon was seen around the world at last summer’s Cannes film festival, the band were so inspired by the film they comprised a full album around it, using a film as the basis. The result is a voyage and odyssey through the lush and beautiful electronic landscape Air has provided.

Tennis Young and Old
The husband and wife duo team up with Patrick Carney of The Black Keys to produce a record of more fun in the sun tunes. Tennis, who released their debut album, Cape Dory last year to rave reviews and provided everyone listening with great material for the summer do it again with Young and Old. While they have a big time producer behind the decks, what is great about Young and Old is that Tennis still remain to true to themselves and create colorful and enjoyable tunes.

Dr. DogBe The Void
The harmonic indie band returns and ask their fans to “be the void.” Dr. Dog again are masters of harmonies and fans of the band will eat Be the Void up like a delicious Crumbs cupcake. Be the Void is Dr. Dog at their usual best and for that, it is something to indulge in.

The Twilight SadNo One Can Ever Know
The atmospheric Scottish indie bands returns with album number three and proves to be their best yet. The Twilight Sad combine Krautrock and lo-fi and mix the atmospheric charges that another Scottish band, Glasvegas, have made popular over the years. Cold wave still seems to loom large over Scotland and The Twilight Sad prove there is nothing wrong with it.

Fun. – Some Nights
The sophomore record from fun. proves they are only getting bigger and better. Some Nights is a record that shows how bands sound naturally progress, once pigeon-holed into the “pop-punk” category but they have shed that mold and now a band of their own, even enlisting Janelle Monae for their first single, “We Are Young.” A fantastic record for the open-minded and one that will grow better and better with each listen.

Asteroids Galaxy TourOut of Frequency
After a three year wait, the Danish electro-rockers return and with a big bang. Out of Frequency is a solid album and listen from a band who have cut their teeth internationally making the perfect blend of pop, dance, electronica and rock.

Paul McCartney Kisses on the Bottom
The legendary Sir Paul goes from rock and roll to crooner on a record of lovable covers. While Macca does his best to swoon us with jazz covers and a handful of originals, Kisses on the Bottom is just something for Paul to get out of his system, nothing really groundbreaking but something to have on when doing other things.

Anya MarinaFelony Flats
The California singer goes for a much more pop sound on her third full length. While, still singing from the heart and experience, Marina gets more mainstream with Felony Flats and still manages to stay true to her indie roots.

Anti-Flag The General Strike
The political punkers fire back on their new record, inspired by the mainstream news and the occupy movement, Anti-Flag get furious with The General Strike. The eighth record from Anti-Flag will have fans excited, it is still the same sound and message but they are one of the few punk bands of today REALLY talking about today’s issues.

Amos Lee – Asthe Crow Flies EP
The folk singer returns with an EP for his fans. Amos Lee, who has made a career out of combining folk and soul and his latest EP, As the Crow Flies is no different. It is a small selection of songs to hold over fans until the next full length.

Royal BathsBetter Luck Next Life
The Brooklyn garage rockers release a new record of rather redundant material. While fuzzy guitars and wailing drums are our thing, it sometimes is rather nice to change things up a bit, for Better Luck Next Life, as each song builds and builds the tracks never really go anywhere and the record just sounds anti-climatic. Royal Baths have been developing a strong fanbase in Brooklyn over the years but this latest record may not have them leave the borough.

Ringo Starr Ringo 2012
Ringo was never Paul nor John nor George, Ringo was well, Ringo and his latest record is just more of Ringo. While the famous drummer never had the pipes of his bandmates, he still manages to get on as a former member of The Beatles, doing his thing and Ringo 2012 is just more of his own calamity without doing much more.

Die AntwoordTen$ion
The South African hip-hop duo return with another unlistenable achievement in sound. While the gimmick and the joke still manages to grasp some, really they are a waste of time, their latest, Ten$ion, is further proof.