Friday, February 3, 2012

Quick News

Dave Grohl is always keeping himself busy as a musician, now the Foo Fighter will jump into TV as he is developing a series for FX. The Hollywood Reporter states, "He is working with comedian Dana Gould on the series which would revolve around a rock band reaching the brink of stardom and breaking up. The series would document the band seeking help from a couples counselor."
A band that Grohl would love is British hardcore band Rolo Tomassi. The band recently spoke with NME to discuss their forthcoming third record. Keyboardist James Spence said, "It's a lot more direct, 'Cosmology' had to be listened to a few times to be digested, whereas this is hard hitting straight away and much more immediate. We've built on the more melodic bits and I wanted to give Eva more of a chance to bring in her clean vocals. I hope it's the kind of record that people who were already into our band still like, but also brings new people in who haven't got into us before."
Read our 2011 interview with Rolo Tomassi HERE.

Just ahead of her hyped Super Bowl half-time performance, Madonna unleashed the tracklisting to her upcoming record MDMA, which is slated for a March release. Take a look:
'Girls Gone Wild'
'Gang Bang'
'I'm Addicted'
'Some Girls'
'I Don't Give A'
'Turn Up the Radio'
'Give Me All Your Luvin'
'B-day Song'
'I'm a Sinner'
'Falling Free'
'Love Spent'
'I Fuckedd Up'
'Beautiful Killer'