Wednesday, June 26, 2013

Quick News

Sad news to report, original Devo drummer Alan Myers has passed away. Myers, who was part of the iconic bands first six records lost his long battle with cancer. May he rest in peace.

Bouncing Souls have parted ways with drummer Mike McDermott after 13 years. The band released a statement about McDermott's departure saying, "Our brother and band mate Michael Mcdermott has decided to leave the band to pursue other musical interests. It has been an amazing 13 and a half years. We love you and wish you all the best! Here's to the memories! We don't know what's next (we never have!) but we know its gonna be rad! Onto the future! - Bouncing Souls"

For the first time in 12 years, The Dismemberment Plan will release their first album! The album, purposefully misspelled - Uncanney Valley will be released in October.

As mentioned yesterday, MGMT have a new album coming out this fall. The band released the tracklisting to their self-titled third LP, take a look below:
01) Alien Days 
02) Cool Song No 2 
03) Mystery Disease 
04) Introspection 
05) Your Life Is a Lie 
06) A Good Sadness 
07) Astro-Mancy 
08) I Love You to Death 
09) Plenty Of Girls in the Sea 
10) An Orphan of Fortune