Sunday, June 30, 2013


Puscifer may be a side project of Tool / A Perfect Circle frontman Maynard James Keenan, but it is more than that. Keenan looks at Puscifer as an extension of his subconscious and being the only permanent member of the bands 10 year history, this is just as much of extension of his personality and himself as is his wine and other work. As Keenan celebrates his decade of Puscifer, the band has played Coachella, Lollapalooza Chile and Brazil this year, as well as released their latest EP, Donkey Punch the Night. We spoke to Puscifer member Mat Mitchell, who has produced most of the band's work and help exercise Keenan's ideas from thoughts to reality. Take a look at our interview with Mitchell below:

The new E.P. “Donkey Punch the Night,” who came up with the crazy title and is this a hint that a new studio record is coming from Puscifer? 

Maynard has been itching to record a Puscifer version of 'Bohemian Rhapsody,' we decided now was the time. We filled out the EP with tracks that made us want to "Donkey Punch The Night"!

The E.P. features two covers, how did it come down that Puscifer were going to take on these covers and interpret them as your own? 

We thought it would be fun and challenging to tackle these two very different tracks.  Bohemian Rhapsody we decided would be more of a challenge to recreate as it was written and Balls To The Wall we thought would be fun to recreate as our own.

A revolving door of musicians have come in and out of this band, does that affect the bands style and sound?  

Every artist has their voice and leaving the door open to work with different musicians keeps things fresh for us and makes the tracks more unique.

“Donkey Punch The Night” features mainly the same line-up from your 2011 release, has there been talk for Milla Jovavich to return to the band? 

Timing and schedules permitting, who knows who might be on board.

Not much is known about how Maynard comes up with music and his ideas, can you give us insight into his craft? 

Biggest insight is his hard work ethic and understanding or artistic freedom.

The band recorded the “Donkey Punch” in Arizona on Maynard’s vineyard. What was the creative process like working in a non-traditional musical space? Were you guys inspired by your surroundings?  

Being outside normal surrounds and in a quiet environment free of city distractions is a huge inspiration.  It's far easier to focus and tend to accomplish more in a given time.

How much of his wine drank during the sessions of the new E.P.? Which is your favorite from the Caduceus cellars? 

Evening wine is always in order, personal favorite right now is Nagual De La Naga.

Maynard considers Puscifer to be his “Creative Subconscious,” and given that the line-up is always changing do either of you feel and / or fear you could be out of this band at any time? 

We are a tight family and as the doors revolve, they don't close.

What is it like taking Puscifer out on the road? 

Feels like a good book at moments and a sideshow at others, pushing to keep things creative, challenging and fun.