Monday, June 17, 2013

Quick News

On Wednesday, June 19, Andrew W.K. will perform his next trick by trying to break the drumming world record by drumming for 24 straight hours in New York's Times Square. We wish him luck!

Because of the Samsung giveaway, Jay-Z's new album will go instantly platinum as soon as it is physically released on July 4. The phone company purchased a million units of the record to give away to fans and users of the phone for free.

While Black Sabbath enjoy the success of their new album, 13, Ozzy Osbourne has says there may be more Sabbath music down the pipeline. Osbourne has said, ""We're still reveling in coming back with this. There probably will be another album, but I don't want to promise anything to anyone. It took us long enough to do this, and we can't wait another 43 years to have another Number One. If it comes to pass we don't make another record, then I can rest easily knowing we finished things properly with 13." [source]

Speaking to Billboard, Josh Homme of Queens of the Stone Age has admitted that he wants to make an immediate follow-up to their latest fantastic album, ...Like Clockwork. He said, "I think we should make a record right away – but I think we'll know when that is. The future is always out there, isn't it? As soon as everyone looks to the left, we'll show up from the right hand side. I mean, that's what we're supposed to do, right? Isn't that the minimum obligation of a band, to try to enthral and surprise and with as much mystery as possible, appear to its fans. We're supposed to walk first; we're not supposed to take a CNN poll."

Following his former friend and bandmate, Peter Hook,  Bernard Sumner is set to write his autobiography and tell his side of the Joy Division / New Order saga. His book will be release in fall 2014.