Thursday, June 6, 2013

Quick News

Australian rockers Wolfmother have officially broken up. Singer Andrew Stockdale has dismantled the band that only released two records, Stockdale will be releasing a solo album later this year.

Former Beach Boy, Brian Wilson is currently recording his 11th studio album. Iconic guitarist Jeff Beck has been confirmed as a collaborator on the album.

Foxygen member Jonathan Radio is releasing his solo debut, Law and Order in September. Radio has confirmed this is just a sabbatical from his band.

After being the self proclaimed "Lizard King" in his heyday, Jim Morrison is now a lizard. Barbaturex morrisoni, a 40 million-year-old extinct lizard will now bear the name Jim Morrison. Among the biggest lizards to ever live on land, the plant-eating creature measured almost 6 feet long and weighed about 60 pounds.

Syrian artist Omar Souleyman has teamed up with Four Tet and the duo have crafted an album together. The still untitled LP was recorded in Brooklyn and will arrive in the fall.

Funk legend George Clinton is currently writing his memoirs and will be published next year. The book will be about his start in music and will discuss his battle with addiction.

Sting has released the cover to his forthcoming album, The Last Ship. Take a look:

Nine Inch Nails will release their new album, Hesitation Marks in September. Take a look at the cover below for the 28th halo below: