Monday, June 17, 2013

Quick Spins

Sigur RosKveikur
The Icelandic giants return doing a total 180 from last years rather disappointing and very ambient, Valtari. Kveikur hears Sigur Ros experimenting with metal, industrial, hard rock and create one of their finest albums of their illustrious career. This harder and much more aggressive seventh album from Sigur Ros is something that will appeal to fans and those that are still questioning the musical capability of this magnificent band.

Action Bronson SAAB Stories
Queens’ best new rapper emerges with a new EP produced entirely by Harry Fraud. While SAAB Stories is three songs shy of being a full album, Bronson brings his A-game to give fans a taste of what is ahead. SAAB Stories also hears Bronson getting surprisingly serious, not as many food or sex references on this but an introspective look as to were his life is these days and where he wants it to go.

The 1975 IV EP
Buzz band The 1975 pretty much package their best songs from their previous three EP’s and add a couple new tracks to appeal to new fans. However, while these songs are perfect pop / rock combo’s (and that is what we are grading on), it would have been better to just hold off on this EP and make fans wait for September’s full length.

Beady Eye – BE
Linking up with David Sitek of TV on the Radio, Beady Eye bring out the very best of their psychedelic vibe and sound and do it right. Shedding whatever shell the former members of Oasis had with their former band, Liam and Co., come into their own and find the creative force that still has them going.

Frankie and the Heartstrings The Days Run Away
The Britrock band returns with album number two and keep the same momentum and garage rock fun that their 2011 debut, Hunger, had.

ZombyWith Love
A very ambitious double album from one of Britain’s premier and enigmatic DJ’s and producers. With Love is a tour-de-force of experimental beats, sounds, styles and while at points exhausting because of how much is packaged together, it is still a full delight and creative project to experience. If broken up into two separate albums or as one compilation, this would have been one of the years best albums.

Surfer BloodPythons
It is summertime and it is the perfect season for Surfer Blood to give us new music. Pythons hears the Florida band mature and become much more sincere with their lyrics, music and most of all themselves. While it is still a solid summer album, it is a bit dramatic than their debut, Astro Coast.

For his third album, Will Wisenfeld aka Baths, finds clever ways to make his electronic music and glitch sound become much more evolved and intricate than just beats made in the studio. In many ways it seems like there is a story in the sounds he is crafting without having to sing a single note, which he does, but it is the music that truly makes Obsidian a worthwhile listen.

Erich Collins CareyCould’ve Gone Either Way
The self financed debut album from New York singer / songwriter, Erich Collins Carey hears him baring his soul in sound and it is the simplicity of his sound that enhances his lyrics more. Much like Clark Kent, Carey is not what he appears to be, an attorney by day, at night he transforms himself into a musician. He takes his Irish roots and uses it to his advantage to become a clever storyteller, songwriter, and guitar player. The title of his record could possibly signify where this project could go, however, it seems to have gone in his favor and the promise of a new songwriter has been given to us.

Parlour Flames
Former Oasis guitarist, Bonehead, forms a new band nearly 20 years after his departure from the legendary band. Parlour Flames is as British as it gets, this is a record that an fan of Britrock will love and enjoy.

Black Sabbath13
The metal legends return with their first album in 18 years and their first album with Ozzy Osbourne in 35 years. After a series of session and false starts that date back to 2001, Sabbath launched again without original drummer Bill Ward, and linked up with producer Rick Rubin and drummer Brad Wilk (Rage Against the Machine, Audioslave) to craft certainly their best album in ages but also their heaviest. Rubin had the band listen to their 1st album nearly before every session and cranked out a classic sounding Sabbath record. However, with most of the songs clocking in over six minutes and with redundant riffs, it drops 13 into a chore to go through, but still manages to show that at their age and after all the mileage and issues, they can still chomp harder than anyone around.

SpacehogAs It Is On Earth
The first band we ever interviewed on this site finally release their new album and first in 12 years. As It Is On Earth hears the New York via England glam rockers bring together psychedelica and garage to craft an impressive return.

David Byrne & St. Vincent Brass Tactics EP
The companion to the unlikely duo’s team-up debut, Love This Giant, the legendary David Byrne and Anne Clark aka St. Vincent gave away Brass Tactics as an EP to thank fans and showcase they have more down the pipeline together.

Kanye West Yeezus
The much-anticipated new album from one of music’s greatest originators is finally here, and was Yeezus worth all of the hype? Of course not. With no radio singles, a clever marketing campaign, a bombastic SNL performance and interesting Governors Ball set, plus a new baby on the way, Kanye West plastered himself all over the media in recent months. Yet, anything West does is not do quietly, it has to be done in this grand fashion or else his whole career would not be as fun as it has. But, it all seems to be a distraction, it seems it has fed his beast of an ego even more that he is now become the motherfucking monster he rapped about on his last solo album, My Beautiful Dark Twisted Fantasy. Yeezus is nothing but an ode to West himself. It is nothing more than a self-fulfilling prophecy of the Gospel according to Kanye. With industrial beats and Marilyn Manson samples, he tries to cross genres and blur hip-hop’s line as an isolated genre, yet, falls flat on trying to keep up with himself. The delivery of lyrics is forced and rushed, as is the production. It is now know that in the 25th hour of this albums creation, Rick Rubin was called into salvage Kanye from himself and giving hip-hop another Detox incident. If Rubin was signed on from the start, Yeezus could have lived up to its own potential and Kanye could have given the world a sixth album of sheer intelligence and forward thinking hip-hop. Yet, this just sounds like a man screaming to be fed more attention over Nine Inch Nails / KMFDM-esque beats. Kanye, word to the wise, if we wanted NIN sampled with hip-hop, we just would have listened to that “In Da Club” / “Closer” mash-up.

After the massive success of their song, “A Real Hero” from the Drive soundtrack, College releases a full length that will fall on deaf ears. Heritage is an uninspired and at points rather lazy release from a group that showed so much promise especially in the age when electronic bands seem to be a dime-a-dozen, Heritage shows off that thus far College is a one-hit wonder.

French MontanaExcuse My French
French Montana has become one of hip-hops signature go-to voices over the last five years. Some of Montana’s classic hooks and lines have been nothing but gifts to songs from artists like Rick Ross, Action Bronson, Nicki Minaj and many more. Yet, on his own  he falls short. Excuse My French is a cliché hip-hop record about money, cars, women, drugs and what his is worth. His starring role cannot be held on its own and seems he is a stronger supporting cast member than lead.