Saturday, October 1, 2016

Underrated Classic: The Verve 'A Storm in Heaven'

In 1993, one band came onto the scene that didn't fit the times but then eventually sparked a sound that would emulated decades later. England's The Verve released their stellar debut, A Storm in Heaven, a record full of psychedelic rock, prog, and alternative dream pop. The band, led by Richard Ashcroft, came at a time when grunge and gangsta rap were king in America and Britrock began to really take shape in their native country. The Verve didn't groove with anyone else and any scene but ended up crafting their own. A Storm in Heaven became their blueprint to how they were going to do things on their terms. The album was critically acclaimed but didn't receive well on the charts, nearly 5 years after it was released, The Verve became household names thanks to their single, "Bittersweet Symphony" and the album Urban Hymns. However, their masterplan and work began with this record. An album that had a clear influence on their peers like Spiritualized, Massive Attack, Oasis, and Primal Scream. It also laid the foundation for other artists like M83, MGMT, Neon Indian and others. A Storm in Heaven remains a fan favorite, however, audiences that never slipped deep in this brilliant band's catalogue, this is a great place to start after their commercially successful work.