Friday, March 11, 2011

Moby Cover & Track Listing

Legendary electro-rocker, DJ, producer and pioneer - Moby will release his tenth studio album on May 6 in the US. The album, Destroyed will feature vocal contributions from Emily Zuzik, Inyang Bassey and Joy Malcom in addition to Moby himself. The album will also be accompanied with a photo book of Moby's work. The cover (above) was shot by Moby while walking around LaGuardia Airport in New York waiting for a flight. Take a look at the track listing below:

"The Broken Places"
"Be The One"
"The Low Hum"
"The Day"
"The Right Thing"
"Victoria Lucas"
"Blue Moon"
"Lie Down in Darkness"
"Stella Maris"
"The Violent Bear It Away"
"When You Are Old"