Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Quick News

Chris Cornell is about to embark on a solo acoustic tour that will see him play everything from his long catalouge of solo material, Temple of the Dog, Audioslave and of course Soundgarden. Rolling Stone caught up with the legendary singer and he spoke about the new Soundgarden record. He says "Everything's going very quickly. We've been having a great time. The chief reason for Soundgarden taking such a long hiatus was concerning ourselves with deadlines we never met and scheduling tours and promotion for an album ahead of actually writing and recording the album. So we're not doing that. We're just making the album. When it's done we'll decide, 'Okay, this is when we're gonna put it out. This is when we'll promote it.' That kind of thing." We hope they have the record out by years end.

According to the band's website and confirming what we have been saying for a week or so now, Incubus have finished work on their sixth album. The band says on their site - "The long awaited 6th studio album from Incubus is completed! True to the Incubus legacy, this record is nothing like its predecessor, but still maintains the quintessential Incubus vibe."

The Strokes, who just released their fourth record, Angles, will begin working on a follow up to the album next month.

Bad Lieutenant, the band started by former Joy Division guitarist and New Order singer Bernard Sumner have been working on their sophomore record. The band have no given any info as to when the record will come out but they are playing the Friends of Mine Festival in Europe this summer.