Wednesday, March 2, 2011

Rising Artist - Juliana Fraioli

Rhode Island is infamous with folk music due to the historic and annual Newport Folk Festival, yet it is surprising that more folk musicians do not hail from the state that has given us such creative artists like Talking Heads and Sage Francis, who are the antithesis of folk. Yet, that may just change with a rising singer/songwriter who takes morphs a pop style into her playing. Meet Rhode Island's Juliana Fraioli. A young woman with a world of experience and much to talk about. Mixing the pop and acoustic style of KT Tunstill to the somber Joni Mitchell, Juliana is one to look out for. As she has released a full length (which can be found on iTunes and Amazon), she is currently working on her follow up and doing it all on her own. Take a listen to Juliana and you will hear something you will truly enjoy.