Wednesday, March 2, 2011

Movie of the Month - Big Night

Italians are known for a few things; being passionate, being loud, being great story tellers (how am I doing so far?), being very family oriented, live to cook and eat among other things. It must be the Mediterranean sun that has that effect on us. Yet, no film captures the mood and energy of the culture quite like Big Night. The 1996 indie comedy written, directed and starring Stanley Tucci. The story is of two brothers who come from the Abruzzo region of Italy and open a restaurant on the Jersey shore. The two brothers Primo (Tony Shaloub) and Secondo (Tucci) get an offer to go back home and work in their wealthy uncles restaurant, yet, as Primo is fed up with 1950's America, his brother is looking for the American dream. Divided by love, passion and women, this hilarious and sentimental film takes a turn when a wealthy friend says he will bring Louis Prima to come dine at the restaurant and that the brother better be prepared for a big night. With press, friends and a major celebrity coming to dinner, Primo pours his heart and soul into a complex pasta dish that will make or break his career and will ultimately be the decision if he and his brother return to Italy. With an amazing supporting cast featuring Isabella Rossellini, Minnie Driver, Marc Anthony, Ian Holm and Liev Schrieber, Big Night is a film that will have you asking for seconds.