Sunday, March 6, 2011

Quick News

"You giving me a fucking hard on" Liam Gallagher told the Glasgow crowd at his debut concert featuring his new band Beady Eye. The band, which is Oasis sans brother Noel, took to the stage this week to promote their great debut Different Gear, Still Speeding. Reports say that the chatting was kept to a minimum and the band plowed through their debut and to the surprise of many, not a single Oasis tune was played. Beady Eye are touring across Europe now and will make their way to Japan come the late Spring.

Mick Jagger's baby brother, Chris is reporting that his legendary brother is hard at work on his latest solo album. The album, which is reportedly being produced by Eurythmics Dave Stewart in LA will be out later this year.

My Morning Jacket are set to release their new album in three years this Spring. The record, Circutal will feature the song "Holding on to Black Metal," and the whole record is apparently inspired by none other than...the Muppets?! The band spoke to Rolling Stone and told gave them some behind the scenes info on Circutal. We will just have to wait and see what this sounds like.

Soundgarden, who are working on their first album in 15 years are working on updating "super old material." Drummer Matt Cameron spoke to Billboard and said "We've tried to update the super-old stuff. It doesn't sound too old and dusty and crusty to my ears - but maybe to someone else it will." No word as to when the album will be released.