Tuesday, March 8, 2011

Live Review - Robbers on High Street @ Mercury Lounge

There is something very angelic about seeing a young band play early 60's inspired rock and pop. For the New York based band, Robbers on High Street, crafting and playing this style and form of rock and roll must be a joy and treasure to create and perform. With their bobbing heads, smiling faces and each unique look, Robbers on High Street are not a band looking to join a trend or be a hip buzz, they are just looking to make the music they love and enjoy.
Just before heading off to Austin, Texas for SXSW, Robbers played an intimate show at Mercury Lounge to warm up and have the city they love send them off before playing to the massive and ludicrous crowds in Austin this weekend. The band, who just finished their untitled third record (which should arrive later this year), played a mix of new and old material to the crowds delight. Listening in on this band live, they sound just perfect, while the stage presence may not be the tour de force that some bands have these days, it is made up for in how talented and solid the music is. They are a tight playing band who will have an audience sway easily back and forth with positivity and happiness and for a Monday night, it was the perfect time and style to be apart of in the crowd. In the 45 minute set, Robbers on High Street got the send off they wished for and may have wanted and the unheard new songs were received with open arms, this latest record of theirs will be a testament and true look as to who the are as songwriters and musicians. This is what they were able to do at home, now onto Austin this weekend....Go get 'em boys!