Saturday, March 12, 2011

The Postelles Fight On

With poise and grace, New York City buzz band, The Postelles took the stage last June at their sold out Bowery Ballroom record release gig. It was a great performance and show filled with such excitement and joy that the band's long awaited debut, produced by Albert Hammond, Jr. of The Strokes would finally be released via EMI....or so we thought...

The band has been plagued with release troubles since they released their much praised and hyped EP in 2008. The band, who's self titled debut was to be released in the fall of 2009 was pushed back to the summer of 2010, yet, behind the scenes and just a week before this long awaited and major headlining gig, the band was dropped from the famous label. No one in the audience, myself included, had any idea anything was going on. When you went to the merch table to buy the album, the merch salesman would simple say "oh, we never received the shipment of CD's for tonight." No big deal one thought, I felt high and mighty since I had the album from EMI since it's original street date back in 2009, indeed the perks of being a published writer and blogger. Yet, with no official statement from EMI and the band, no one questioned the situation, until weeks after what was supposed to be the release of this Postelles record.

Now, nearly a year later, the band will FINALLY release this great and very slick debut on June 7 via +1 records. The album, which has been remastered will also feature a brand new song "Sound the Alarms." Again, with much poise, grace and professionalism, the situation The Postelles were put in could have made them want to give up, instead they are pushing on. With a slew of gigs scheduled from now until the summer and with The Strokes going back on tour (if they are reading this, Albert have these cat's open for you), things are looking up for the band.

In 2009 I interviewed The Postelles just after they headlined a gig at Santo's Party House and while they were recording their debut, take a look at that interview HERE.

Take a look at the video for the band's latest single and that brand new jam, "Sleep on the Dance Floor."