Sunday, December 11, 2011

2011 Best New Artist

It took us five years to realize we should be awarding the best new artist of the year. So, we are starting a new tradition, the same day you get our Top 10, you will get our pick for the best new artist. The award is based on someone who has not only had a great year after releasing their debut album, but also continued to tour and record non-stop. Our very first Best New Artist is.....

James Blake

The British singer took dubstep and combined it with soul and tales of broken hearts and crafted a debut that you could weep to or make babies to. A very sexually charged and seductive singer, James Blake is cutting his teeth in a genre that exploded in 2011 and with an unapologetic tour schedule, Blake still managed to release his self-titled debut as we as two EPs and even teamed up with Bon Iver. Whether Blake still makes electronic inspired music for years to come, he is an immense talent and brilliant songwriter that even with the material he released after his debut, combined the two EPs were just as fantastic.