Sunday, August 26, 2012


Part underground sensation, part enigma, but Inglewood, California's Blu is all talent. One of the rawest emcees to arrive on the scene in years, Blu brings hip-hop back to its glory days of the 1990's. Unlike many today who discuss money and girls and living large, he is giving a verbal document of the project, giving inspiration and hope in his lyrics and how to make something from nothing. After years of making his name known in the California rap scene making mixtape after mixtape, Blu eventually linked up with producer Exile and created one of the most furious teams in the business today. Before they release their brilliant second record today, Give Me My Flowers While I Can Smell Them, Blu granted us a rare interview and spoke to us about his work, working with Exile and what hip-hop has become. Take a look at our interview with Blu below.

You have created such a buzz in the underground hip-hop scene, do you feel the genre needs a shock to the system?
They know Blu, they know what I'm capable of at this point, its either you want it or you don't, but I will deliver. Again and again and again.

How did you adopt the name Blu?

From the basketball courts, I only wore sky blue so they called me Blu.

You and Exile have been two people that have really started turning things around for hip-hop and the underground. How did you both link up?

Aloe Blacc was our connecting piece, he brought us together when Exile first started working on the Dirty Science album.

Last summer you were both part of the Rock the Bells festival, what was that experience like?

It was an honor to be part of such an extravagant event.

You really started gaining attention, like many these days, with your mixtapes. You were giving them away, why did you choose to give them away for free?

My G, I didn't even make those tapes, I never heard them either, but they surely helped inform people a bit on where we come from.

Many rappers like yourself, Odd Future, Asap Rocky, Action Bronson have been giving mixtapes away for free to gain attention. Is this the best way to get attention?

I feel like I started that shit, actually, maybe the second person, Radiohead then me. I wouldn't say its the best way to get attention, but a free sign doesn't hurt.

You are constantly releasing albums on your own and have developed such a huge portfolio of material in such a short amount of time. You never seem to be at a loss for words on what to say. What is your lyrical muse?

Life my man, it never stops, and neither should the music.

You released NoYork! for free after being dropped by Warner Bros. What happened that they let you go?

We were too out there. the president who signed us, Tom Whalley, got fired. My A&R who worked, "Electric Circus" and "Things Fall Apart", Naim Ali, got fired. Then some Russian dude bought the company, and never looked at anyone's deal but Rick Ross', so I just left, if it wasn't for the Def Jam staff that Lyor put in there, I would have been gone!

Aside from rapping and music, is there anything else you would like to dabble in?

Acting and writing films.

Since hip-hop is so collaborative, who would you love to work with?

Prince Paul!

What is next for Blu?

It better be Prince Paul, fuck it, thats my new single, "Prince Paul"!