Tuesday, August 7, 2012

Quick News

Lollpalooza announced that along with it's festivals in Chicago, Chile, and Brazil, it will host a new festival in Tel Aviv next summer.

Word on the street is that The Stone Roses reunion record will be out in 2013, they will begin working on it after their summer reunion tour around Europe.

Muse's latest album, The 2nd Law, has been pushed from a September release to October.

Lady Gaga named her new record, the follow-up to Born This Way will be called, Artpop. It will be out in early 2013.

A documentary celebrating The Rolling Stones 50 years together will air on HBO this fall. The film will be directed by Brett Morgan.

While oversea's Frank Turner is one of the biggest names in music, unfortunately here in the U.S. he is still an emerging star (he is a favorite with us!). As he readies his DVD, I Still Believe for his European fans, he will release a live CD / DVD called Last Minutes and Lost Evenings for U.S. fans. It will be out on October 2 and the DVD portion will contain the film, I Still Believe, which is his documentary about headlining and selling-out Wembley Stadium.

Speaking of Frank Turner, if you have been following our news of him, he has released the name of the hardcore band he was starting. Turner, who is now a folk singer, started off fronting the hardcore band, A Million Dead. Now, his new hardcore outfit will be called Mongol Horde.

R.E.M. will release a 25th anniversary edition of their seminal album, Document, next month. The re-release includes new liner notes and is packaged in a lift-top box that has four postcards and will feature a live recording of a 1987 concert in Holland; they will also issue a remastered 180-gram vinyl edition of the release.

Guitarist Freddie Cowan of The Vaccines is set to collaborate with his brother, Tom of The Horrors. Freddie told NME, "There's a concept of all four singles and every member of the band has to write and record their own B-side. Well, I'm probably going to do mine with my brother. I asked him to produce and he’s really up for doing it. I don't know if we’d collaborate on stage because we’ve done it already, but it’d be nice to do a collaboration with someone."

After speaking with Billboard magazine and giving an update on Incubus' summer plans, singer Brandon Boyd found himself in some hot water since he hinted the band will go on hiatus again. Boyd said, "We have no plans, to tell you the truth, at the moment, I have been tinkering around, potentially, with a second solo record. That's probably the most likely scenario. But as far as Incubus right now, we'll probably take another break." Now, the bands manager has spoken out and negated Boyd's comments and said to CBS Local, ""Incubus has always taken a bit of a break after making an album and touring in support of it. After they finish the Honda Civic tour, they’ll have been on the road for a year and a half. Any band would need a break after that."