Monday, August 20, 2012

Live Review - Diamond Rings @ Le Baron

It's Monday night in New York City, which means really nothing in the scheme of things as Chinatown hot spot, Le Baron played host to the cities most intimate and exclusive dance party. Canadian beat maker, singer and musician, John O'Regan or Diamond Rings as he is known worldwide took the bodies in the room at La Baron back in time to the 80's new wave era and forward in time with songs off his forthcoming record, Free Dimensional.

Playing New York City for the first time with a full band, the usual solo act had much more to offer with his sound that takes in inspiration from hip-hop, and classic artists like Erasure, New Order, Culture Club, Yaz, and Pet Shop Boys. While in the past we have seen Rings along, back in 2011 when in opened for Robyn at Radio City Music Hall, it was an obtuse performance simply because he was in such a massive place on stage with nothing but his drum machines, laptop, guitar and  keyboards. Now, with enough musicians to intensify and build on his sound, Diamond Rings was ready to get down. Playing a majority of songs off Free Dimensional, which is due in October, Rings had everyone dancing the night away like it was a Saturday and not a Monday. As his quick 30-minute show progressed, he seemed to be having the time of his life, jumping into the crowd, running up the stairs and into the balcony and dancing his ass off every second of the way, Diamond Rings showed off why after his new record is released, he will be one of the most talked about live performers around. He was having the time of his life, but as a performer playing his type of music you should be having that much fun or as his new single explains, "I'm Just Me."