Sunday, November 18, 2012

Six Year Anniversary

It is hard to imagine that it has been six years since the very first post went up on this website. Recently, while Hurricane Sandy pounded the East Coast we realized how lucky we are to be from this area. This site was born in a Long Island basement, then moved to Brooklyn and now, we call Queens home, we are proud to be from here and we are not going anywhere! 

From the countless interviews and concerts we have covered, this train keeps rolling and we have you to thank for it. Thanks for reading, experiencing and looking at our words and thoughts. To all the artists, managers, labels, agents, publicists (There are too many of you to list), thanks for everything and all the help along the way.

To continue our celebration, here is what some of our favorites have said about us.

“One of the most fun-loving and forward-thinking blogs in the world, and run by one of the nicest guys in the business. Thank you Sal and Officially a Yuppie for getting in there so early with your support. Hopefully see you again real soon." Love from Chapel Club

"Best thing I've seen on the internet since the panda that sneezes.” - Matthew Whitehouse, The Heartbreaks

"Sal and his peeps at are doing an amazing job of covering fresh, creative music and the entire NYC scene! They're not too hip for the room, but definitely have hip taste." - Doug Wimbish, Living Colour

“I read every week. Sal has his finger on the pulse of both commercial and independent music and entertainment. His blog has something for everyone and his interviews are always insightful. Plus, Sal's a great dude!” – Elliot Jacobson

“Thanks for these great questions” – Mary Foresberg Weiland

“So, does this make me a Yuppie now?!” – Mickey Leigh, Joey Ramone’s brother

“Thank you for the interview. I really appreciate the interest in my project. Be well” –Ben Kenney of Incubus

“It was good speaking with you. All the best.” Ian Mackaye

“No Crap Questions” – Rab Allen, Glasvegas

"Officially a yuppie! Thanks a great name for a site!" - Andrew W.K.

"Thank you for taking time out to speak with me and caring about us and what we do," - Anthony Green, Circa Survive

"It was a pleasure," - Peter Hook, Joy Division / New Order