Thursday, November 1, 2012

Underrated Classic - Depeche Mode "Exciter"

Between June 2000 and February 2001, Depeche Mode recorded their tenth record in various studios and places around the world. The record that would be released in the summer of 2001 called Exciter was a landmark record for a band who was already 20 years in the business. Depeche Mode carved their way through the 80's as a synth-rock band crafting brilliant electronica and New Wave, by the 90's they grew darker, harder and heavier and as they entered the new Millennium, they morphed again. Exciter heard the band experiment less with heavy sounds and pounding synthesizers but with acoustic guitars and much more ambient and atmospheric sounds. Given the success of the albums first single, "Dream On," the album went certified gold in three countries. Produced by Mark Bell (Bjork, LFO) Depeche Mode flexed a much more mature muscle, after its release the record received very mixed reviews from critics but now, 12 years later, you can hear it was a blueprint for artists like James Blake, Goldfrapp, Federico Aubele, The xx, and Brazilian Girls to gain their sound and achieve international acclaim. Dust off this record now and take a listen, thank us later.