Tuesday, November 13, 2012

Great Soundtracks - There Will Be Blood

In 2007 one of the creepiest, strangest, powerful, and demonic sounds did not come from a Death Metal or Black Metal band, it came from Radiohead's Johnny Greenwood and an orchestra for his score to Paul Thomas Anderson's epic, There Will Be Blood. For Greenwood's first film score, he took the idea of someone chasing a destiny with a vengeance and transformed it into one of cinema's greatest film scores.

While the film centers around Daniel Day-Lewis' character, Daniel Plainview, and his quest for fortune through oil at the turn of the 20th century, it also centers around Plainviews obsession with power and undesirable thirst for more money and more influence. Greenwood took this and measured it in his own mind and was able to translate it to music with his violent and demanding music. While Anderson and Greenwood teamed up again for this years film, The Master, the soundtrack to that film is second fiddle to what they did together for There Will Be Blood.