Wednesday, December 5, 2012

2012 - Best New Artist

Last month we asked you all to make an important decision and help us pick the 2012 Best New Artist. Many came out and let their voices be heard and out of the five nominees - Lana Del Rey, Alabama Shakes, The Heartbreaks, Frank Ocean, and Tribes. A winner has been crowned....

Taking pop and rock and making it sound so perfect, the Britrock band who hail proudly from Morecambe, England, came into the eardrums of our editor late in 2010. After following the band around after they had only released a handful of singles and were gaining buzz in the UK, The Heartbreaks finally released their debut, Funtimes, earlier this year and what a fantastic record. The Heartbreaks have been hailed by everyone from Morrissey to Edwin Collins (who produced a few tracks for the band) and we know the bands attention will only grow over time. As they continue to be massive stars back in the UK and currently on a sold-out tour of Japan, The Heartbreaks are already hard at work on album number two and we can only expect great things. Congrats lads!