Thursday, December 27, 2012

Quick News

Editors have confirmed they are headed to Nashville to record their brand new album. The band hope to have it out in Fall of 2013.

Could Mumford & Sons do to their fans what Bob Dylan did to his at a point in his career and go electric? Speaking to Style magazine, Marcus Mumford said, ""We've always done what feels good, rather than what we've thought long and hard about, and we'll do whatever feels soulful next, whether that's with an electric guitar or a synthesizer." Keyboard player, Ben Lovett added, ""It's dangerous for us to talk about what we've been discussing for the third album, but we do have greater ambitions not to just stay within certain sonic confines. We're not going to be the band that stands for folk music or organic music."

Also seeking to experiment on their new album, Liam Gallagher spoke to The Guardian to give an update on Beady Eye's new record, which is being produced by TV on the Radio member David Sitek. Gallagher said, "I hate the word 'experimenting', but we are definitely experimenting. In five words, it's 'majestic', 'imperial', 'out there' and, er, what was the other one? Oh yeah, 'heavy.' It's different to the first. It's been heads down, none of that nonsense from the Nineties. We've got our shit together. It feels like a really special album. You know when you normally go through a door and go, 'Er, I'm not really sure about that.' Well, we've fucking booted the door off the hinges."

My Bloody Valentine confirmed via Facebook that they have finish mastering their long awaited new record. No word yet on its release, the record was supposed to arrive this month.

Lady Gaga has confirmed that she is working with Terry Richardson on a documentary about the singers life and the making of her new album, ARTPOP.

After three years apart, The Black Crowes have reunited. The southern rockers will tour the UK and Europe and North America in early 2013.

Taking to his website, legendary guitarist Tony Iommi spoke about the status of Black Sabbath. He said, "What a year! Certainly not the one I was expecting. Thanks to you all for your massive help and support, it was very encouraging. I'm still working on the album and managed to play three shows, not bad given the news a year ago. I'm looking forward to next year, seeing what you think of the record and touring as much as we're able." You can watch a clip of the band's final gig thus far, from this summers Lollapalooza festival in our 2012 Highlight Reel.