Saturday, December 1, 2012

Quick News

Coldplay fans can rejoice, the band are not going on a three-year hiatus as they hinted a week ago. Speaking to The Daily Star, singer Chris Martin said, "I`ve been writing songs and I`m so fired up about the band`s future. I`m fortunate to do what I do and no way do I want to stop.This three-year break idea only came about because I said at a gig in Australia that we might not be back there for three years. That`s probably true, but that`s just how a world tour works. No chance are we taking a three-year break."

After being at home with Warner Music for many years, Metallica have left the major label to start their own independent label - Blackened Records. Under the new label, the band will own their entire back catalogue and all forthcoming projects.

After the new episodes of the Trapped in the Closet sage arrived, and word of a Broadway production of the now cult-classic, R.Kelly has confirmed he currently is writing a book based on the series. No word yet as to when the book will be released.

Indie rappers Cannibal Ox have confirmed they are working on a new album that will be released in 2013.

After news broke this week that Nick Oliveri has rejoined Queens of the Stone Age, Oliveri's other band, Kyuss Lives! has changed their name to Vista Chino. Kyuss Lives! was everyone from the California band Kyuss minus QOTSA frontman Josh Homme and Scott Reeder.