Wednesday, December 11, 2013

2013 - Best New Artist

This superlative and tradition began in 2011 when a little British artist made a lasting impact on us, that artist James Blake, has gone on to release a handful of superb EP's, a magnificent sophomore LP, won the Mercury Prize and was nominated for a Grammy. Needless to say, we feel like we were correct in picking him and starting this award with him. 

Last year, we left it up to you, the readers, to choose for us, simply because the field was much to great and we couldn't pick on our own and needed help. You all spoke out and named England's The Heartbreaks as your 2012 Best New Artist and we were so proud and pleased. That band, who will release a new album next year, has continued to release fantastic music and live up to the title.

Now, comes 2013's pick.

The 1975

From the moment we heard their single, "Sex," we knew that The 1975 were going to be massive. In the span of 13 months, they released four fantastic EP's and one of the year's best albums and one of the best debuts we ever heard. When we caught their very first NYC performance on a cold March night at Mercury Lounge, we knew that this band could back up their brilliant music with a fantastic and humble live show. They also, coincidentally, carry on the tradition that the best new music does in fact come from Britain. However, The 1975 are an English band that can unite all music fans, from fans of Joy Division to One Direction, they have the perfect balance between poster-boy pop-rock and Britrock. 

We also got a chance to know them this year, take a look at our interview with the band HERE