Saturday, December 14, 2013

Quick News

After all of these years, The Beatles and Kraftwerk will be honored with a special Lifetime Achievement Grammy at February's Grammy Awards.

Schoolboy Q will release his much anticipated new album, Oxymoron, in February.

Due to personal reasons, Slipknot drummer Joey Jordison has left the band. The band has vowed to continue on without one of their founding members and has announced they will reveal the personal details of Jordison's departure at a later date. The band have also announced they will release a new record in 2014.

Mongol Horde, the hardcore side project of Frank Turner and his former Million Dead band mates, Ben Dawson and Matt Nasir, are finally recording their long awaited debut. Last year, Turner announced the project, but thanks to Turner's busy schedule, the band finally began recording this month in London. They hope to have a record out next year.

Speaking to UK's XFM, Vaccines frontman Justin Young said that a new album is on its way, but not anytime soon. Young said, "We've always written in quite a solitary manner so we've actually already started writing the next record. I kind of feel by admitting that people are going to expect it sooner than perhaps we're ready to put it out. We're not set on releasing it any time soon. When we feel like we've made the best record we're capable of making, which is hopefully sooner rather than later, then we'll put it out and we're halfway to doing that really." Young then spoke about the band's new direction, "I think that [the new album] certainly won't sound like the first two records. I think it will closer stylistically to the 'Melody Calling' EP. I think we feel that was probably a bridge. In a way I kind of hope that 'Melody Calling' served as something to stop people going 'what the fuck?' when we release our next record because I don't think it will sound anything like the first two."

The Black Lips have announced their new album, Underneath the Rainbow, will arrive in March. The record was co-produced by Black Keys drummer Patrick Carney. Take a look at the tracklisting below:
01 Drive By Buddy
02 Smiling
03 Make You Mine
04 Funny
05 Dorner Party
06 Justice After All
07 Boys in the Wood
08 Waiting
09 Do the Vibrate
10 I Don't Wanna Go Home
11 Dandelion Dust
12 Dog Years