Sunday, March 23, 2014

Quick News

Killer Mike gave a massive update to Rolling Stone on the new Run the Jewels album, as well as his solo work. He said about the new Run the Jewels album, that he and El-P are crafting a new sound, saying it is, "much darker and much harder than I thought it would be. It's pushed me into some darker crevices of my personality." The group hope to have it out by the summer as they finish recording very soon.

Killer Mike then gave an update to his sequel to 2012's brilliant R.A.P. Music, he hopes to have R.A.P. Music II out by the fall. About the concept of the record, he said, "It's that child that discovered rap about eight or nine years old. And he is attempting the Herculean task of becoming one of those greats." After all of that is finished, he will have a busy schedule lined up as he finished I Pledge Allegiance to the Grind IV and a new project called The Elegant Elephant, that he describes as "new and fresh and weird and wild and wonderful and dynamic."

Next month, Danny Brown will reissue his 2008 Hot Soup as a double vinyl and 2X CD set that will feature remixes, B-Sides, demos, and alternate versions of songs that appeared on the original version.

Speaking to NME, The Horrors frontman Faris Badwin expressed his band's constant musical evolution, saying, "We started making music as a really primal thing, as an intuitive thing," says Badwan. "We're not a band of scientists. Well Josh (Hayward, guitarist) is a scientist. And he often wears a lab coat. But we don't really approach music in that way. It's really about a feeling we all share. Intuition is a lot more exciting as a tool. We have a strong idea of what The Horrors identity is, and with each Horrors record we twist that, change it slightly. So each record becomes about finding out who we are now, and then just going with it. On this record 'I See You' was the song that felt like a development from what we've done before. And everything else came from there."

This morning, Wolfmother pulled a Beyonce and surprised fans with a brand new album, their first in five years, and did it via Bandcamp. The record, New Crown, contains 12 tracks and can be heard / bought HERE