Wednesday, March 5, 2014

Quick News

Legendary rocker Bob Mould will release his new album, Beauty & Ruin, in June.

Speaking to Rolling Stone, Chino Moreno has confirmed that Deftones have begun work on their eighth record. Moreno said, "The other guys started last week – I'm excited to hear what they've done so far. We don't plan on what kind of record we're going to make. We react to each other – one guy starts playing something then the other guy reacts to it, and the other guys react to that. Next thing we know, we have a song. I think that's the best, organic way to write music. Its worked for us over the years."

Guided By Voices have confirmed that they will release their new album, their second in 2014, Cool Planet, in May.

What once was a Japan-only six-song EP release, D'Angelo will release his Live at the Jazz Café, London: The Complete Show. The show, which was record in September 1995, has been a gig of folklore among D'Angelo fans, now the full concert will be released on March 25.

British band The Heartbreaks will release their second album, We May Yet Stand A Chance, in May. Take a look at the cover below: