Sunday, March 2, 2014

EXCLUSIVE! Ringo Deathstarr INTV!

Loud, fast, furious, those are the three words you would use to describe Austin's Ringo Deathstarr. The band, who came to popularity in 2011 with their awesome LP, Colour Tripp, are now back to give fans a taste of God's Dream, with their new EP. The EP is a just a tease of what is to come from this band, a short and simple release that captures the bands energy and spirit and leaves us wanting more. We caught up with singer and front man Elliot Frazer about their latest EP, new songs, touring, and life on the road. Take a look at our interview below:

You are releasing your new EP, God’s Dream, does the title reflect that Ringo Deathstarr are indeed God’s Dream?

No, it was the title of a demo that Alex made. We had other working titles like "Tump" and "Kim Deal,” when it came time to name the whole thing, we just thought God's Dream was good, we didn't have to think too much.

What made you go with an EP and not another full length? Is a new album in the works?

 Well, in the interest of getting some new music out quicker, the EP was the best option...we had enough songs for a full length, but not enough time to finish. There are more songs waiting to have vocals on them, who knows if they will be a part of a full record or another EP.  Currently I am in the mood to just pump out EPs for a year or so.

What did you do differently on God’s Dream that you had not done before?

Daniel sings on two songs, "See You" and "Bong Load."  We send some songs to Adam Franklin (Swervedriver) and Jeff Schroeder (Smashing Pumpkins) to see if they could just add some strange twist to the guitar parts...which was fun because they gave the songs some more atmosphere.  I did a couple of guitars one string at a time, Def Leopard style, and it sounded pretty crazy.  We used more synths this time around.  I played a Les Paul on one song and a Neil Schon prototype.

The band hails from Austin, the city has seemed to be cranking out bands a dime-a-dozen over the last few years, how do you stand out about the rest of the pack?

I don't know...currently there is a garage rock thing going on here, and also "psych" rock or "psych garage." We try to write pop songs.

Who are some other Austin bands we should keep an eye out for?

Gal Pals, BLXPLTN, ...And You Will Know Us By The Trail Of Dead

The bands sound is so unique and diverse, how would you explain it to someone who has never heard of you before?

I often wonder myself... there are so many ridiculous words people use to describe a sound.  Perhaps a cross between Nirvana and Pink Floyd

Like most bands today, you spend a majority of your life on the road, what is one thing you have to have on tour with you at all times?

A Sleepin' Rig.  It includes a blindfold and ear buds or ear plugs, and a pillow.  All too often the van is where you catch some Z's.

Your shows are known for their thumping decibel sounds that split many ear drums, has playing at this volume affected your hearing?

It's hard to say...before this band, in another life, I was a drummer for 13 years.  I worked in a dry cleaners for a while with all that loud steam.  My ears were already kind of messed up.  

This year marks the 50th anniversary of The Beatles landing in America, does Ringo Deathstarr plan to celebrate this occasion?

We celebrate it every day.

This band seems to be having more fun than anyone out there today, how much fun is it being a member of Ringo Deathstarr?

Haha...We do have a lot of fun.  That is the whole point of this, and you gotta laugh at the whole thing all the time.  But its not all we speak, the day before tour, Alex's car has broken down, so she has to think about how to deal with that once we return.  So, we need to get rich quickly! can you help?

What is next for Ringo Deathstarr? 

 Some time in April we should finish those other songs and get right back on the road promoting God's Dream while figuring out when to release the next thing and tour some more.