Monday, March 3, 2014

Quick News

Singer-songwriter Paulo Nutini will release his first album in five years, Caustic Love, later this year.

Mastodon have confirmed to Spin magazine that they will release a "Wild" album this summer. Drummer Brann Dailor told the magazine, "I feel like this record is a return to the more visceral exploration of, I don't know, exorcising demons. It's dark and it's creepy. It's that tool that we're able to use to somewhat better ourselves and make sure that we don't lose it."

TUNE-YARDS will release their new album, Nikki Nack, in May.

Anthony Tiffitin of Top Dawg Entertainment has told Billboard magazine that Kendrick Lamar will release his new album in September. Lamar is signed with Top Dawg. Tifftin also hinted that Lamar's Black Hippy crew could release their debut album this year, too.

Speaking to XFM in UK, Vaccines bassist Arni Arnason has said that his band could be recording their new album in a barn on the English countryside. He said, "The Vaccines are currently sort of just in writing mode, we're sort of hooking up in a couple of weeks to sort of lock ourselves in a... I don't know... a farm or a barn or a something, somewhere in England. I don't know any details, I'll just show up where I'm told to be, when I'm told to be there so we'll be doing that soon and writing and just enjoying." No word as to when the album will arrive.

The Klaxons will release their new album, Love Frequency in June.

Canada's Fucked Up are contining their Zodiac series that began in 2006 with Year of the Dog, then followed by 2008's Year of the Pig, 2009's Year of the Rat, 2010's Year of the Ox, and 2012's Year of the Tiger. They have just announced that they will release Year of the Dragon tomorrow.

The Smiths have reworked their website which now features an amazing interactive timeline of the band's history. Take a look at it HERE.