Sunday, July 9, 2017

Recommended Reading: 'My Ramones'

Last year, the first man to ever manage The Ramones, Danny Fields, published his memoir and collection of photographs during his tenure with the band. Fields, who is said to have helped discover the band and launch their career, released My Ramones, which was chock-full-of never-before-seen images from the iconic punk band's early years. Fields photographed them at work, on their first U.S. and European tours, at play, and them being themselves.

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He also gives insight into what was happening behind the scenes with the band as they were first emerging from The Bowery of New York City and their hometown of Forrest Hills, Queens. The candid shots are a time capsule into life of a working group that, unbeknown to them, would change the course of music forever. My Ramones is a book for any fan of the infamous punks and one every music collector should have.