Thursday, October 27, 2011

Live Review - Foster the People @ Ed Sullivan Theater

Mark Foster has to be in amazement as to what has gone on to him and his band, Foster the People this past year. In the two years of the trio’s existence, they have gone from local LA indie darlings to one of the biggest names on pop radio. 2011 has been a superb year for the band, having their debut Torches picked up by Columbia and signing to the label, being one of the most talked about bands at SXSW and Lollapalooza and of course, their much talked about performance on Saturday Night Live, having their massive single “Pumped Up Kicks” reach #3 on Hot 100 charts. Mark Foster is living the dream and has to be in a bit of marvel.

Last night at a packed private show for the web series, Live on Letterman, that look of wonderment was written all over his face. As his band strutted down the aisles to the famous Ed Sullivan Theater to take the stage, Foster looked nervous but also determined that he needed to bring his A-game to the famous stage. In a much hyped performance, Foster the People delivered. As the band started, their stadium lights beamed immensely on the stage, blinding the folks in the balcony but they did not seem to mind, Foster himself looked a bit uncomfortable but that would soon where off as the audience got more and more into it and they would change instruments for each song. The bands sound was fantastic; their musicianship is something to take in as well, each one plays more than one instrument and backed by two additional musicians, the magic they have created on Torches has came alive. As Foster spoke to the audience, in his surprisingly deep voice, he referenced The Doors playing on that stage and his love of Jim Morrison and gratitude for everyone coming out and supporting their success. While people were dancing in the aisles, the biggest applause would come from their closing number, the big one – “Pumped Up Kicks.” If Foster the People play their cards right, they will succeed in this business beyond a one-hit-wonder, by the look and way things are going for them now, it can happen.