Saturday, October 1, 2011

Underrated Classic - The Cure - "Bloodflowers"

As The Cure set to embark on the final leg of their "Reflections Tour," a tour in which see's the band play their first three albums in full and a greatest hits set, we began looking back at gems in the band's massive catalogue. Eleven years ago, the band put out Bloodflowers a record that not only combined their dark cold-wave meets new-wave sounds of the 80's and their dark pop of the 90's but set forth what would come of the band in the naughties. It was a somber return for the band, only four years earlier put out Wild Mood Swings, which received mixed reviews due to it's radical departure of style and sound. Bloodflowers seemed to be a much more welcomed return to form and what was to come for The Cure. Singer Robert Smith looks at it as the final part in a trilogy of great Cure records that includes, Pornography and Disintegration. Bloodflowers had mild success for the band, opening at #16 on the Billboard charts and then failing to go higher. However, now if the record were to be released it would be considered some of the bands best in years. Before we all reflect on The Cure for Reflections, we should look back at the beginning of their third decade making music.