Wednesday, October 12, 2011


The Icelandic Princess arrives with her new album to save the music industry and push thinking and music forward. Creating the world’s first “app album,” meaning each song has its own interactive app which can be used on iPhone, iPod & iPad, and has its own unique story to enhance the theatrics and entertainment of Biophilia. Of course, the album is available in good old fashion music formats as well and the music on it is simply brilliant. The cerebral album takes the listener on a journey of a new world (literally, not on some stoned cosmic trip – though, that would not be a bad idea) and with the motif of the record being protect your surroundings, Bjork maybe protecting the music world with this brilliant achievement and idea. Would we expect anything less from Bjork at this point? Taking her alternative style to the next level by creating and patenting her own instruments totally unique for Biophilia, it is a record that needs to be experienced to truly appreciate.

James BlakeEnough Thunder EP
The dub-step poster boy returns with his second offering of music this year. Seven months after releasing his self-titled debut, Blake comes back with Enough Thunder and has him collaborating with Bon Iver, covering Joni Mitchell and wearing his emotions on his sleeve, but this time even bolder. If you enjoyed his full length, this is a great companion.

We We Promised JetpacksIn the Pit of the Stomach
Scotland’s garage rockers return with a much more mature tone but still bring the same energy. On the sophomore release, the Jetpacks blasts us in the same fast paced, foot tapping groove we fell in love with back in 2009, however now, singer, Adam Thompson’s lyrics have grown-up and the band’s sound not only match his maturity, they hardly miss a beat.

Remember RememberThe Quickening
The Scottish instrumental band returns, no not, Mogwai, Remember Remember. 25-year-old Graeme Ronald who did everything on his own for his debut, now has recruited a seven-piece band to compose The Quickening, an instrumental tribute to his native country and something to usher in the fall season.

Naked and Famous No Light EP
Much like James Blake, the companion EP to the New Zealand band’s debut, Passive Me, Aggressive You is a must for fans. Not much to add to the band’s sound but a nice gift for fans to indulge on new tunes.

Indie rock’s favorite singer returns with her much-anticipated follow-up to her massive 2009 release, The Reminder. Feist brings her solemn and beautiful sound to Metals, a record only she could craft. For fans of Feist, they will love it, but it will bring nothing new to those who have not yet fully grasped her much talked about talents.

Ryan AdamsAshes and Fire
Adams ditches The Cardinals and goes solo for the first time in a while, though the results are less intense than previously, he still displays his brilliant songwriting craft. Ashes and Fire is a mellow and calmer Adams and probably the most mellow and calm we have heard him since 2003’s Love is Hell. He stands tall on his own, as expected.

Spank RockEverything is Boring andEveryone is a Fucking Liar
The Baltimore producers and emcee’s return after five years and come back swinging. The deviously clever and sly group continues their mix of electronic beats under great lyrical delivery and has a lot to say in all the time they have not put out new music. With the album’s title, it displays the band’s bitterness at the music world and rightfully so, this record and like their long resume of work show why they should be much bigger than what they are.

9th WonderThe Wonder Years
Continuing on his epic year, releasing a documentary, mixtape and new studio work, 9th Wonder is working hard for his money. With a slew of guests that include Erykah Badu, Raekwon, Masta Killa, Waren G, Murs, Bird and the Midnight Falcons and many more, The Wonder Years is an album of hip-hop community and love.

Lisa HanniganPassenger
The Mercury Prize nominated Irish singer returns with her sophomore release. If you are a fan of Damien Rice’s sidekick’s work already, this record is just for you. Beautiful singing and minimal guitar and piano work, Hannigan remains in neutral territory for album number two.

If you are familiar with Lights, take what you know and throw it out the window. The Canadian singer returns with a new-wave and heavy electronic album that see’s her trying everything from dubstep to pop to dance. Siberia is a dance on the wild side and has Lights collaborating with Holy Fuck and Shad.

DRC Music
Recorded over seven days the Congo for Oxfam, Damien Albarn takes his love of Africa and teams up with Dan The Automator, Jneiro Jarel, Richard Russell, Actress, Marc Antoine, Alwest, Rodaidh McDonald and Kwes for a simply unique record. Albarn is proving with every release he does he is one of the most daring musicians in music today. This is no exception.

Happy Endings - Practice for the Armageddon EP
The New York 90’s neutral rock inspired band returns for a new batch of songs and even has them covering New Order. Practice for the Armageddon hears Happy Endings getting tighter in sound and stronger in songwriting without losing the fun we have enjoyed from them.

The Whip Wired Together
Manchester’s electronic heavyweights return with a record that has more skips than blips. The Whip were on such a strong track to break away from traditional electronic sounds and were getting curious and deeper with their experimentation into the genre as heard on their previous record, X Marks the Destination. Wired Together falls flat and dull and hears one of England’s most exciting new bands fall by the wayside