Tuesday, October 25, 2011

Stream Japanese Popstars Mixtape!

The Japanese Popstars 90 DJ MIX October 2011 by The Japanese Popstars

Northern Irish DJ group The Japanese Popstars have created a great 90-minute mixtape which feature remixes of their own work as well as work from Wild Beats, Loco and Jam, Mixhell and more. Take a listen..here is the full playlist below:

1. The Japanese Popstars 'Let Go' Boot leg
2. Mixhell 'Intergalactic' Beatauque Boot leg
3. Dino Lenny Taz 'Higher' Instrumental
4. Tai D.I.M 'Ion'
5. Felix Cartel 'The Joker' John Dahlback Remix
6. Santiago and Bushido 'Mothra'
7. Maxime Dangles 'Astroneff'
8. Adam Beyer 'Paranoize'
9. Loco And Jam 'Unknown'
10. Loops Of Fury 'Rack Em'
11. Sharooz 'Hysteriesis' TWR72 remix
12. Shinichi Osawa And Paul Chambers 'Fuzz Box'
13. The Japanese Popstars 'Face Melter'
14. The Japanese Popstars 'Falcon Punch'
15. TWR72 'Awake'
16. Maxime Dangles 'Good Job'
17. Menace and Tracid 'Buchla 200e' Original
18. Wild Beasts 'End Come Too Soon'