Wednesday, October 5, 2011

Rising Artist - Dry the River

At first look of England's Dry the River, you expect them to be a post-hardcore band or the type of band you will not be telling your mother you are a fan of. At first listen of Dry the River, you realize, looks are very deceiving. The English folk band have been making music since 2009 and started turning heads in their native London after another London folk band struck big around the world, that band of course being Mumford and Sons. While Dry the River have that Mumford approach to their music, their sound is much more layered and much more traditional to what they are going for. Dry the River are a band that will have you chanting in a bar, throwing your arms around the stranger next to you and then ordering another round for everyone in the room. Keep an eye out for these boys as they released a series of EP's this year, 2012 is looking much bigger as they are set to release their debut next year.

Dry the River - "New Ceremony" by Dry the River