Thursday, March 21, 2013

Quick Spins

Suede or The London Suede (depending on what part of the world you are from) return after 11 years with their latest, Bloodsports and show everyone in music – This is how you make a comeback. One of the finest comeback records ever released, Bloodsports hears the Britpop legends refreshed, reenergized, reinvigorated, and most of all renewed for the next chapter of their careers. From singer Brett Anderson’s unique powerul falsetto voice to the bands inspiring guitar and rhyme sections, each song of Bloodsports is a fight to show why this band still matters and why in 2013, we need Suede more than ever. If each track is a new round in this fight, they come back swinging harder, faster, and stronger with each building song.

Depeche Mode Delta Machine
The legendary British electro rockers return for album 13 and prove that 13 is a lucky number. Depeche Mode have had an amazing career of going strong for four decades now and like a fine wine get better with age, yet, Delta Machine maybe their finest serving in years. Taking queues from their 90’s angst days of Violator, Songs of Faith and Devotion, and Ultra and mixing it with their heavy electronic and experimental sounds of 2005’s Playing the Angel. If anyone had any doubt about Depeche Mode in 2013, the band roar to prove they are here to stay.

Sound City Real to Reel
Dave Grohl’s mega supergroup featuring Foo Fighters, Trent Reznor, Stevie Nicks, John Fogherty, Brad Wilk, Queens of the Stone Age, Rick Springfield, Paul McCartney, come together for the soundtrack of Grohl’s documentary about the iconic California recording studio. While this is a soundtrack it plays more like an ode and collaborative record about the studio that gave us legendary records like Fleetwood Mac’s Rumors and Nirvana’s Nevermind. A majority of the songs are originals and laid down to tape to get the ambiance of Sound City captured the way it should be. This is a fun rock and roll record and an great tribute.

Palma Violets180
The most talked about new rock and roll band in England answers the call of the buzz built around them with their furious debut, 180. Hailed by NME, Q, and even The Hold Steady’s Craig Finn as an incredible live band, Palma Violets capture their punk and R&B inspired tone on their first album.

Jimi HendrixPeople, Hell, and Angels
The fourth posthumous release from the greatest guitarist to ever live gives more insight into what could have been. The songs on People, Hell, and Angels are songs Hendrix was working on for his follow-up to Electric Ladyland. Fully restored, it takes his signature raw power guitar laid over funk, R&B, and psychedelica and is textbook Hendrix. A must for any collector.

Justin TimberlakeThe 20/20 Experience
With his first album in seven years, Justin Timberlake embraces the old and ties in the new. Like Amy Winehouse, Bruno Mars, Fitz & The Tantrums, Timberlake takes the throwback soul / big band sound of the 50’s and 60’s and mixes it with Prince-esque funk and hip-hop inspiration. The album’s main issue is that unlike Timberlake’s previous solo records, this does nothing to change the face of pop, he just does (like those mentioned earlier) what they have, just on a much more slick level. With production from Timbaland, J-Roc, The Tennessee Kids and more, Timberlake makes a slick and sexy record but sings nearly every song about his wife, Jessica Beil, who he clearly seems to be madly in love with – sorry ladies, it looks like JT is not going anywhere for a while in the girl department.

The hip-hop collective returns with their latest savage offering, Killmatic. Taking an inspirational script from the 90’s glory days of hip-hop, Demigodz offer a brutal and intense rap album that will turn them on to a new audience and be well received by their original fans.

WireChange Becomes Us
 The legendary English punks return with their 13th album and give an interesting take on how this record was made – taking unreleased sessions and songs that were originally written between 1978-1980 and re-recording them and reworking them for a brand new album of never-before-heard new music. In typical Wire fashion, it has balls and rocks.

Billy BraggTooth & Nail
The iconic British voice of reason returns with his 14th studio album and in it he brings forth a new slew of songs of social change, justice, love, and hope. While many refer to Bragg as the punk Bob Dylan or folk’s Joe Strummer, Bragg uses those who have inspired him and those who paved the way for something we always need – a voice of reason.

Kate NashGirl Talk
The English singer / songwriter returns with her third record and unlike her previous efforts, Nash combines folk and garage together for a unique blend of angst girl rock.

Everything Everything Arc
The English electronic rockers returned with their sophomore album, and bring a much more intricate art sense to what they already accomplished with their debut, Man Alive.

Charli XCX True Romance
After being delayed for a full year, English pop songstress Charli XCX finally releases her debut. True Romance is a sexy, raw, honest, and intense trial in emotion that features electronica, darkwave, coldwave, and R&B sounds together. True Romance could have been worth the wait.

The VirginsStrike Gently
The New York City garage rockers return with their sophomore release, and after getting a major push by a major NYC garage band – The Strokes, The Virgins are ready for their close-up. Mixing in new wave and electronic hooks, The Virgins certainly have one of the catchiest records released so far.

ClutchEarth Rocker
The Maryland stoner rockers return with their latest offering, and like much of Clutch’s prior work, it is a hard charging, systematic trial of thunderous sounds and rhythms. They are not messing with a formula that have made them a popular cult band.

Eric Clapton Old Sock
Slow Hand comes back with his latest studio album and it is an uninspired and often times, lazy record and just an excuse to get his friends together. Old Sock includes Sir Paul McCartney, Chaka Khan, Taj Mahal, and Steve Winwood and is 95% all covers and two new songs.

Chelsea Light Moving
Sonic Youth’s Thurston Moore offers a new solo album with a new band and is some of Moore’s most disconnected and furious songs he has ever written. It seems as if he does not know what he wants as an artist and thus trying everything he can with his new band.

StereophonicsGraffiti on the Train
The Welsh rockers return with their eighth album and much like their last offering, Keep Calm and Carry On, Graffiti on the Train is an uninspired and boring rock record. It is a shame to see a band like ‘Phonics to fall flat two records in a row after releasing some of the 90’s best albums and ‘00’s very good albums like Language, Violence, Sex, Other and Pull the Pin.

Pig Destroyer Mass and Volume E.P.
The Virginia grindcore band known for some of the most brutal sounds release an E.P. of some of their worst material and unreleased tracks. While the principle for Mass and Volume is all for a good cause, charity effort to benefit the family of recently-deceased Relapse Records employee Pat Egen, it is some terrible work from a band known for fantastic, slaughtering, heavy music.