Saturday, March 2, 2013

Underrated Classic - The Strokes "Room on Fire"

While The Strokes ready their new album, Comedown Machine, 10 years ago they released what could be one of their best records, the underrated Room On Fire. After answering to the hype surrounding their 2001 groundbreaking debut, Is This It?, the New York City's garage rock revivalists were ready grow and showcase fans they could do a bit more than strum distorted chords and sing about shitfaced nights in New York City. Room on Fire was their answer. On its release, Room on Fire was looked at as a sophomore slump from the band, fans and critics were confused about the records sound and style. Room on Fire incorporated 80's New Wave style synths and keyboards and took their 70's garage rock sound and brought it forward a decade. While the band admits they rushed recording the album just to get it out and still ride their massive wave of success. Produced by Gordon Raphael, Room on Fire peaked at number four on the Billboard charts and had success thanks to the bands single and video "Reptilia." Now, as the band released the decent First Impression of Earth in 2006, and the dismal Angles in 2011, we wait for Comedown Machine, but now, 10 years later realize Room on Fire is not that bad.