Saturday, June 1, 2013

Rising Artist - THEblack&THEwhite

Since the fall of As Tall As Lions in 2010, many of the bands former members have gone on to create other projects and bands, one of the latest is that of former Lions bassist Julio Tavarez's new band THEblack&THEwhite. Based out of LA, Tavarez has been working his producer Justin Kaupp and former bandmate and Lions drummer Cliff Sarcona on the project. Tavarez, influenced from everything from R&B, trip-hop, electronica to hardcore and mixes all of his influences and emotions together for this band. He says of the project, "I love music that physically moves me, music that makes me want to get out of my chair." The band formed last year and released their debut single in January and have been gigging around the LA area steadily, as they now ready for their first tour, THEblack&THEwhite's sound will move us all and is something that fans of all genres and all walks of life will embrace.