Sunday, July 14, 2013


British bands seem to be a dime a dozen these days, new ones seem to pop up and spawn nearly every week and trying to keep up or figure out which ones are worthwhile is the real challenge. Yet, when a band like Prayers rolls around, it is hard to pass them by and a second glance must be given. Hailing from the industrial city of Birmingham, England, famous for giving the world Black Sabbath and Editors, Prayers are the latest sensation to come from the dark city and make something to show the world what Birmingham is all about. We spoke to the band about the influence their city has had, their sound, and what fans can expect from them down the line. Take a look at our interview with Prayers below:

Hailing from Birmingham, England, how has that city influenced your music?

Lewis (Bass): I don’t think it influences our music as such, but more our general being…
Alex (Vocals): But it is pretty dark and dreary which I suppose you can get from our music.
George (Guitar): And we’re influenced by some of the music that is around us in the city and from bands that we’re friends with.

Birmingham is most famously known for being the hometown of Black Sabbath, coming from there do you feel like you have big shoes to fill?

George: We haven’t really thought about that to be honest, we’re just trying to gather up our own sound at the moment

As a new band starting out, what is it like as the adventure begins for you?

Alex: It’s been pretty eventful so far with a vast amount of heavy drinking, blood soaked guitars and a hell of a lot of noise. But we have been working hard behind the scenes and in the rehearsal room, so, like in all walks of life, I suppose it has its up and downs.

While there seems to be a new band forming and gaining buzz in England nearly every week, how do you separate yourselves from the rest of the pack of new bands?

Lewis: We’re just trying to do our own thing really.
George: We’re not consciously trying to be different, but we are trying to do something a bit original at the same time...

The bands sound is so big and swelling, when starting out, how did you decide what you wanted to sound like?

Lewis: Swelling is a great word.
Alex: We didn’t purposely do anything really –
George: A lot of effects pedals –
Alex: Yeah, George came in one day and said “use this setting” and it just worked and we ventured on from there…

Who are some of your influences?

Alex: All four of us have quite different musical tastes to be quite honest, but when we put it all together in the lockup it just seems to work.
Nath (Drums): I’d say our main influences are bands like Radiohead, Editors and Sigur Ros – generally just the darker side of indie.
George: As well as some of our friends and local bands; Sunrise Over Europe and Lower Case Noises to name just two.

With an EP coming out, are you working on a full length?

Nath: We’ll wait and see what the reception is like from our EP and take it from there I suppose. We don’t have anything planned as yet and we don’t want to get too far ahead of ourselves

What was it like working on your first EP? Did you produce it yourself?

Alex: It’s definitely been a fun experience as we tried not to take it too seriously…
George: Local Birmingham producer Sam Deakin is currently mixing it, but we have recorded and produced one of the tracks all by ourselves!

The bands live shows have gained you much acclaim, what do you feel it is that you do on stage that has people talking?

Alex: We try and make it into a bit of a show…
Lewis: Yeah, with our use of samples to try and attract some attention.
George: And we’re hoping to start using some projection and visuals to take it to the next level.

Who came up with the idea to be named “Prayers?” With that name, do you have any prayers you wish to share?

Alex: George’s hungover mind seems to work at twice the capacity and he just thought of it out of nowhere. We all loved it so it just became our name.
George: We don’t really have any Prayers of our own to be honest.

The band has been together for less than a year, how did you come together?

Alex: The whole band idea all stemmed from a particularly disastrous double date involving George and myself. It was pretty awkward so we didn’t have much to talk about besides music and then out of nowhere the question “shall we form a band” came up and we just sort of did. We wrote some songs together in my living room for a bit and then we found our cutting edge in Lewis and Nathan.

How would you describe your sound to someone who has never heard of you before?

George: Big, melodic, reverb.

What is next for Prayers?

George: Just take it as it comes and keep making music.